Webinar on (A) Possible green hydrogen pilot(s) in India

Webinar on (A) Possible green hydrogen pilot(s) in India

On 9 October 2020, the Delegation of the European Union to India in cooperation with the Directorate-General Energy, European Commission and the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) organized a close door webinar ‘to discuss (a) possible green hydrogen pilot (s) in India.’ The webinar was supported by the EU-India Clean Energy and Climate Partnership (CECP) project and was attended by more than 75 participants, representing policymakers, regulators, project developers, technology solution providers, manufacturers, energy performance contractors, think thanks, consultants and academia.

The virtual meeting was organized to connect European companies with SECI in order to explore possible cooperation in the area of Green hydrogen. The objectives and intended outcomes of the webinar were: 

  • Sharing information on the hydrogen economy and strategy in Europe; 
  • Discuss possible hydrogen pilot project(s) proposed by SECI and key expectations from EU players; 
  • Share information on key applications/generation of hydrogen (low carbon and green approach) in the EU and highlighting successful case studies by EU technology suppliers; 
  • Introduction to EU hydrogen (technology) businesses from different EU Member States;
  • Initiating further discussions between SECI and EU technology providers. 


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