India smart utility week 2022

India smart utility week 2022

The Indian Smart Grid Forum (ISGF) has been organising its flagship annual event, India Smart Utility Week (ISUW) since 2015. The ISUW 2022 was scheduled to be conducted from 02 - 04 March 2022 on a digital platform. 
Similar to previous years, the European Union (EU) had partnered with ISUW 2022. During the event, the 11th EU-India workshop on Smart Grids was organised.

Part A of the “11th EU-India workshop on Smart Grids”  took place on 2nd March 2022, with discussions on the smart grid sector in India including on the report launched by the EU titled "Smart Grid Handbook for India: CBA and SRA for replication of Smart Grid Projects".

Part B of the “11th EU-India workshop on Smart Grids”  took place on 3rd March 2022, with focus on EU-India smart grid projects and around energy communities and social innovation; along with panel discussions on "Securing green transition through customer understanding, and "Potential projects in the near future".

The EU Zone was set up in the exhibition section of ISUW 2022, with booths from the EU Member States, EU-India projects  and EU Associations, showcasing EU technologies, solutions and advancements in the field of Smart grids, with participation from various EU-India joint projects and industry associations.

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