EU Climate Diplomacy Week 2023

EU Climate Diplomacy Week 2023

First introduced to the public in 2019, Climate Diplomacy Week has become a landmark annual event where EU Delegations and embassies of EU Member States around the world host events to foster dialogue and cooperation on climate change. Called “Green Diplomacy Week” this year, the event still aims to serve as a platform to showcase success stories and inspire further action.

In late 2022, the EU launched the Global Gateway strategy, a new global strategy to build resilient connections with the world, with sustainable connectivity and green transitions as its main two pillars. In this context, Green Diplomacy Week 2023 will also serve as an opportunity to continue to build the momentum for the new global strategy.

A series of events will be prepared online, offline and in hybrid. Events will include workshops, panel discussions, a cycling event. The events will focus on engaging with Indian youth and public. The theme of the 2023 Green Diplomacy Weeks is “a global just energy transition”. EU Delegations are invited to organise public diplomacy events under the Green Diplomacy Weeks umbrella, between September and the end of November 2023. 
Furthermore, during this year’s Green Diplomacy Weeks also aim to foster gender equality by showcasing the participation and leadership of women and girls in greening our planet.  

Activities planned by the EU Delegation to India:

5th edition of Youth Climate Conclave (YCC) Boot Camp (Online):

As a follow-up to successful implementation of four years of Youth Climate Conclave, TERI proposes to organize the YCC Boot Camp for youth of earlier YCC editions. This camp will provide a learning environment for the youth who were a part of YCC to further hone their skills on issues related to climate change and act as goodwill ambassadors and peer leaders to further spearhead the movement.

The Boot Camp will engage youth participants in an online webinar, where they will be provided with technical knowledge about climate change issues. This webinar will also be a platform for YCC alumni to share their experience and how YCC has impacted their lives.

Activities planned by the Member States:


  • Hydropower Workshop on the 16th of October at Hyatt Regency The workshop will bring together public policy experts and decision-makers as well as companies to establish a dynamic and interactive exchange on the development of hydropower for greening our power mix.
  • Climate Fresk workshops organized by the French Ministry for Ecological Transition These workshops will take place in 3 to 4 universities in Delhi. Date and location will be updated soon.
  • Workshop around mangroves in Kolkata organised by AFD. Date and location will be updated soon.


  • Climate talks on the topic of “Forecasting Monsoon Onset and Withdrawal in India: Building Climate Change Resilience” on the 17th of October at the German Embassy.
  • More information is available on Embassy webpage:

The Netherlands:

  • Collaborative event focusing on Active Mobility: Dutch Cycling Embassy in Partnership with BYCS, New Delhi (around the Urban Mobility Conference & Expo) on the 29th of October.
  • Screening of the film – Together we cycle, followed by a panel discussion named Caregiving and Cycling on the 30th of October.
    • Panellists will be invited from organisations like the Ministry of Women and Child Development (Government of India), BvLF, Save the Children, Clean Air Fund, Mahila Housing Trust, SafetiPin, ITDP, ASAR and Warrior Moms. These are suggested names of organisations and can be tweaked based on inputs from the team. Location TBC.



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